Postcard: Barstow, or Why I Love Truck Stops



While waiting to have dinner with some relatives before heading up to the Owens Valley to continue photographing the Lower Owens River Project, I made a few snaps with a digi, which might actually turn into something more substantial.


It has been a few years since I have driven clear across the county, but there have been several shorter trips over the last few years. On one such trip to Erie last year I had the idea of photographing truck stops—Pilots, Loves, Flying Js, and all the small little stops that seem to have so much character, like Mrs. B’s in Barstow, California.


Knowing that everything consumed in this country travels, at some point, by truck, I want to look at the people and the way of live of the people are a major, and a much under-recognized, part of the way of life in this country.


About Richard Boutwell

I am an emerging photographer originally from the Hi-Desert of Southern California, and relocated to Bucks County, Pennsylvania in 2002 for an intensive apprenticeship with the photographers Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee. I now live in Philadelphia, and concentrate on my own projects and writing.
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