New Baby

Of the drum scanner sorts that is . . . We just bought an amazing Dainippon Screen SG 747 and I am flying out to California to early tomorrow to oversee the loading onto the truck and make sure nothing can possibly get damaged in transit.

Screen 747

Screen 747

So, my dilemma: I will be there for 5 days. What cameras do I take, and where do I go? I will take the Hass; it goes everywhere with me. And I have an 8×10 on the West Coast but do I really want to bother packing holders and picking up some film? Thinking about making a trip up to the Owens Valley—make a few pictures, maybe do some fishing . . .


About Richard Boutwell

I am an emerging photographer originally from the Hi-Desert of Southern California, and relocated to Bucks County, Pennsylvania in 2002 for an intensive apprenticeship with the photographers Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee. I now live in Philadelphia, and concentrate on my own projects and writing.
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6 Responses to New Baby

  1. Eric says:

    That’s a monster! Where will you put it?

  2. Martin says:

    Ah, great machine!
    I bought one of these in 1991 brand new from Dai-Nippon Screen for circa £215,000.

    Screen (as they’re known in the UK) have some excellent ex-engineers knocking around, if you can locate one through the trade they could have you up and running in a day or two tops. Bound to be some where you are.

    We used our 737 on robotic mode many a night, loading up a drum full of transparencies, all oil mounted, and hitting the scan button before turning off the lights and locking the studio for the night. In the morning we’d return to a processor tray full of separations.

    Before buying the 737 I studied the competition for 12 months, in those days it was Lynotype-Hell, Itec and Crosfield. Overall the 737 came out a clear winner for colour, highlight and shadow detail, scan quality and reliability.

    Enjoy Richard!!

  3. Ian Moss says:

    Found this post while searching for a picture of the 737 – I’m currently writing an article on how colour was reproduced. I began my career as a scanner operator using the 737 to scan directly out to film. It was the best scanner ever made.

  4. If you ever need parts, let me know. I have almost all of the important parts for a 737 (which is essentially the same as a 747 save the film drum) including a spare interface. daniel @t westcott dot us. I miss my scanner 😦

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